I provide pure relaxation in the comfort of my home based business. Competitive prices without sacrificing quality & safety standards. Only professional products are used & sold. My overall focus is to create a comfortable,clean, health concious environment. All of our tools & equipment are disinfected & sanitized after each use.  If the tools can't be sanitized, they are thrown away. 

 Please note we do not cut the cuticle.  Any nipping is done only to remove hangnails & to cleanup the cuticle area.  Cutting the cuticles removes the natural seal around your nails making it easy for bacteria & germs to invade your body.  This unhealthy practice also promotes the growth of cuticle making them grow thicker & longer down the nail bed. 

 We ask if you currently have or are undergoing care for fungal infection, have an open cut, sore, or athlete's foot to please reschedule your appointment when you are back to health.


 Inspected annually by the Brant County Health Unit.

Acrylic French
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